Chihuahua Boy

Stud Wanted

Looking for one handsome wee man!

We do not have any boys standing at stud at this time. We are looking for a stud to hire, or possibly buy, in the next few years.

Our young girl Kismet will be bred one time in 2017 or 2018. She is quite small at just over 4 lb, so we are looking for a boy weighing 2.0 - 4.5 lb full-grown. We also will be choosing a long-coat boy. Our top breeding priorities are health and temperament, so within the confines of size and coat type, we will be looking closely to make sure we pick the right boy!

If you have a wee little long-coat chihuahua boy with an excellent temperament and a family history of good health, perhaps you would be interested in him fathering a litter for Kismet and us? We will want to meet you and your boy in person ahead of time. We will require a brucellosis test on your boy, and if requested will provide the same for Kismet. We will also require a minimum of 3 every-other-day breedings in order to maximize the chances of success.

Pick-of-the-litter will be for us to keep, and we will pay you a stud fee at the time of breeding, valued at half the expected value of one puppy from the litter. With an expected litter size at 2-3 puppies, we cannot offer to give you a puppy the way breeders of larger breeds often do, but will agree to reserve second pick for you to buy if you like.

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