Zephyr's Chihuahuas

Our Boys

Aren't they a rather handsome (and very cute!) trio?

Our dogs are our 4-legged forever kids. Our boys sleep on the bed, sit on laps, and have the run of the whole house. They enjoy hiking and camping, car-rides, agility, chasing each other around the yard, playing with toys, learning tricks, cuddling, belly rubs... just about anything you can think of so long as they are with us.

They are not spoiled, but enjoy the sort of life any Chihuahua deserves.

Fonzy  First newborn Chihuahua puppy we ever held was Fonzy. Although our Mr. Longhaired Surprise is no longer with us, we will love him forever.
Pesto  Our oldest little man is 7-year-old Pesto. He and Fonzy are brothers, littermates, and the only sons of our lady Zephyr.
Sterling  Few chihuahuas love children more than adults, but to Sterling it was the younger the better! Although our Little Boy Blue is no longer with us, we will love him forever.
Treasure  Sterling & Peekaboo's 2-year-old son Treasure is chosen to father Lorien's next litter. He is living with co-owners but visits often and will father our 2015 litter.


Phoenix  At just over 30 lb, Phoenix doesn't exactly count as a "big" dog except in proportion to a chihuahua! She is a Border Collie - Australian Shepherd cross. At 9 years old she is technically a senior, but doesn't look or act it!


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