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No Shipping
  Pick-up in Beaverlodge is by scheduled appointment only. Show us the courtesy of contacting us promptly to let us know if you are running late/early or are cancelling.

We can, and are sometimes willing to, deliver to Grande Prairie for $20 fee. Price of bird and delivery fee must be paid in full in advance and are non-refundable if you are a no-show or if you change your mind.

We travel to Edmonton with birds to sell once a year in October.

We do not ship to anywhere.



Availability & Prices
  We do not raise any kind of bird in large numbers.
We do not have all species or varieties available at all times.
Many of our chicks are spoken for before they even hatch.

This price list is a general guide only.
Prices are subject to change without notice.



Waxbill (Estrildid) Finches
  ZEBRA FINCHES - $10-80 male, $20-80 hen, $25-95 pr
We raise mainly rare mutations: European Isabel, orange-breast, black-cheek & crested.
Currently available: Grey, fawn & chestnut-flanked white Zebras $10 male, $20 hen, $25 pr.
Check back November 2015 for other colours.

GOULDIAN FINCHES - $80-160 ea, $150-295 pr
We raise normal green, yellow, blue, white-chest & all head colours!
Currently available: Green-back Gouldians in various chest & head colours $80 ea, $150 pr.
Check back summer 2016 for yellows & blues.

Check back in fall 2016 for updates.

RED-CHEEKED CORDON-BLEUS - $95 ea, $150 pr
Check back in fall 2016 for updates.



True (Fringillid) Finches
  GLOSTER CANARIES - $80-120 ea
We raise green, variegated & cinnamon in corona (crested) & consort (non-crested).
Check back summer 2016 for Glosters.

EUROPEAN GOLDFINCHES - $195 ea, $295 pr
Check back in fall 2016 for updates.



What's the Difference and Who Cares?
 Zebra, Gouldian, Society, Cordon Bleu, etc.Canary, Green Singer, Goldfinch, etc. 
 Social - keep in pairs or same-sex groupsSolitary - keep single male for song 
 "Finch" seed mix 70-90% proso & foxtail millets"Canary" seed mix 60-80% canarygrass seed 
 Closed nest (basket or box)Open nest (bowl-shape) 
 Seasons determined by diet, humidity, temperatureSeasons determined by daylight 


Doves & Quail
  DIAMOND DOVES - $40-60 ea
We raise fawn, blue, silver & red.
Currently available: 2015 hens in blue & silver $40-50 ea, $70/two, $95/three.
Check back in November 2015 for fawns, or fall 2016 for reds.

BUTTON QUAIL - $1 egg, $5 day-old, $5 male, $20 hen
We raise white, blueface, redbreast & silver, parent-raised quail.
Currently available: Please allow 1 week to collect hatching eggs.
Check back periodically for chicks/adults.



Hand-fed Baby Parakeets
We raise green, blue, grey & goldenface show-quality English budgies.
Chicks in the nest now, should be ready for Christmas!

COCKATIELS - $95 grey, cinnamon, pearl, pied;
$115 lutino (yellow), $135 whiteface, $155 albino (pure white)

Check back November 2015 for chicks, hopefully a few ready for Christmas!

BOURKE'S PARAKEETS - rosy $195, $250 lutino/rubino hen, $295 male
Parents are on break. Check back in 2 months.

Please check back in summer 2016 as we are hoping for baby plumheads.

Please check back in 2017 for stanleys.



DNA Sexing
  What is it? Avian DNA sexing is a blood test to determine whether a bird is male (boy) or female (girl). The lab who does this test for us has accuracy better than 99.9%. It usually takes less than a week to get the results. The cost is $20.

Can't you tell without a blood test? Sometimes yes. It depends on the species, colour mutation, age of bird, time of year, and social group. We will offer a best guess, if we have one. Our accuracy is pretty good, but not 99.9%.

I want to be sure that bird is a hen before I commit to buying her! If you wish, you may pay for DNA-sexing on a particular bird, and decide whether to purchase based on the result. We will hold the bird you are considering until the results arrive.



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