Zephyr's Chihuahuas

Contract & Guarantee

We offer a valuable written guarantee, and make a commitment to make sure our puppies are well-looked-after for life.

Please read through our contract so that you understand what you will be signing when you take home one of Zephyr's Chihuahuas.

  1. Health Guarantee

    1. The breeder guarantees this puppy to be healthy and free from contagious disease at the time of purchase.
    2. The breeder guarantees the puppy to be genetically and congenitally sound
        For life-threatening conditions
          100% original purchase price returned within 1 year of purchase,
          8% less per year from 1-10 years after purchase,
          20% of original price if more than 10 years.
        For minor conditions, a partial refund only
        Refund is available regardless of whether the buyer chooses to keep or return the puppy
    3. The buyer must provide veterinary documentation to verify any health condition, disease contracted prior to sale, or genetic or hereditary condition. The breeder reserves the right to have the condition verified by a veterinarian of her choice.
    4. The buyer must uphold the good owner promise and spay/neuter/breeding agreement to qualify for any refund.
  2. Buyback Policy

    1. This puppy is sold only to the approved home and individual buyer.
    2. If for any reason and at any time during the puppy's life the buyer becomes either unwilling or unable to look after the puppy, the buyer agrees not to advertise the puppy or to send the puppy to a shelter, pound, pet store, dealer, etc.
    3. The buyer shall instead offer first right or refusal to the breeder, except in such case as a third party is selected who meets the breeder's standards for an appropriate home and who signs a binding contract with the breeder covering all portions of this sale contract which have not yet been completed in full by the original buyer.
    4. Providing the buyer has upheld the good owner promise and spay/neuter/breeding agreement, the breeder shall offer to buy the puppy back at 2/3 the refund price (see health guarantee). Value of items included with the puppy but not returned in reasonable condition may be subtracted from this amount.
    5. If the buyer neglects or abuses the puppy, or fails to provide adequate care as defined in the good owner promise, the breeder may at any time regain possession and ownership of the puppy at the buyer's expense and without compensation to the buyer.
  3. Good Owner Promise

    The buyer agrees to provide adequate care for the puppy. The buyer is encouraged to contact the breeder or a licensed veterinarian with any questions concerning the puppy's care. Adequate care includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Suitable accommodation, nutrition, grooming, appropriate exercise, protection from harm;
    2. Socialization, basic training, human companionship;
    3. Maintenance of healthy body weight and condition, and necessary health and veterinary care;
    4. Administration of a booster vaccination by a licensed veterinarian at 12 weeks, 16 weeks, and 16 months of age;
    5. From 16 months onwards, health examinations and vaccinations as recommended by a licensed veterinarian.
  4. Non-breeding (Spay/Neuter) Agreement

    1. This puppy is being sold with a non-breeding agreement.
    2. The buyer agrees to have the puppy surgically sterilized by a licensed veterinarian between the ages of 5 and 7 months,
    3. and to provide the breeder with official veterinary documentation, verifying the puppy's identity and date on which the surgery was performed, on or before the puppy's 7 months birthday.
    4. If such documentation is not received by the deadline, the breeder is entitled to collect an additional $2000 payment plus $950 for each offspring produced by this puppy prior to collection, to a maximum of $10,000 purchase price of this puppy with unlimited breeding rights.
    5. The buyer shall be solely responsible for all legal fees and reasonable related expenses associated with the collection of such additional payments, and when permissible by law, court proceedings shall take place in Grande Prairie, Alberta.
  5. Breeding Agreement

      Limited breeding rights are available for some puppies only and to some homes only. If interested, please contact for details.
  6. Updates

      The buyer will provide the breeder with relevant updates and photos of the puppy at least monthly for the first 6 months after purchase, and annually thereafter, and at any additional time within 14 days of the breeder's request. If the buyer's contact information changes, the buyer shall inform the breeder of any such change immediately. The buyer is welcome to contact the breeder at any additional time.
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