Available Chihuahuas

Looking to add a Chihuahua to your family?

We raise 1-2 litters of Chihuahua puppies each year. We take a waiting list for planned litters, and accept reservation deposits on choice puppies before they are ready to go.

Our puppies are given full family privileges from birth onwards, and booster vaccines, housebreaking progress, and other training will be age-appropriate when they leave for their new homes.

There are families and homes that are well-suited to any of our puppies, but others that may be approved only for certain puppies. We want the best for our puppies - when you are ready to tell us what you have to offer, please complete our application questionnaire.

If you are already the owner of a lady Chihuahua and are looking for a fine gentleman to sire her puppies, we may be willing to help you out via one of our handsome studs.

--  None Ready to Go
at this time
New Litter  Our new puppies, born 2015 June 24,
are a rainbow litter of long coats.
Planned Litters  Our next litter in planned for ~2017,
from mother Kismet and TBA father.
Chihuahua Boys
Standing at Stud
  At this time, we do not have a boy standing at stud.
We are looking for a stud to hire for a future litter, though!
Last Page Update: On or after 2015 July 3

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