Zephyr's Chihuahuas

Puppy Application

Interested in taking one of our Chihuahuas home?

Every species, breed, and individual matches best with a different human.
Please tell us about yourself by answering the following questions, truthfully and thoroughly.
If your application is approved, a $300 non-refundable deposit will be required.
References are available if requested.

  1. Describe the ideal chihuahua you are looking for: sex, size, coat type, colour, age, etc.
  2. Do you want a pet only with spay/neuter agreement, or do you intend to breed your chihuahua?
  3. Name at least three activities you plan on enjoying with your chihuahua.
  4. What do you like about chihuahuas?
    (Hint: Provide evidence you have researched the breed extensively.)
  5. What (if any) breeds of dog have you lived with in the past?
  6. Describe your household, including family, roommates, boarders, etc. Give ages of any children.
    Who will be the dog's primary caretaker?
    Are you planning any changes to your household?
  7. Does anyone living with or regularly visiting you have a known or suspected allergy to any kind of pet?
  8. List all current animals from goldfish to horses.
    For dogs & cats, include breed, age, sex & whether neutered.
    Are you planning any changes to this list?
  9. Describe your home: city/town are you in/near, own/rent, apartment/house, fenced yard, etc.
    Are you planning to move or make any changes to your home?
  10. In a typical week, how long will your puppy be left alone?
    Where will he/she be kept while you are out?
    Are you planning any changes to your schedule?
  11. Have you ever given, sold, surrendered, abandoned or euthanized a pet?
    If yes, under what circumstances?
  12. Who is your veterinarian? If you don't have one yet, how will you choose one?
  13. Have you discussed getting a Chihuahua puppy with your family, friends, employer, landlord, etc?
  14. Have you read, understood, and agreed to our contract & guarantee?

Email your answers to zephyr dot chih at yahoo dot ca, along with your own questions about us and our puppies.

Thank you!

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