Zephyr's Chihuahuas

We share our lives with the most affectionate, intelligent, and beautiful Chihuahuas in all existence:

4 little girls, Zephyr, Sienna, Lorien & Kismet,
1 little boy, Pesto
and 1 "big" dog, Phoenix.

Lorien & Kismet are our young girls, age 4 and 1. Zephyr is the oldest at 12 years old. Sienna & Pesto are 8.
Zephyr, Phoenix, Sienna & Pesto are spayed/neutered and shall remain forever in our loving home.

Since 2006, we have raised 11 litters of Chihuahuas - 41 puppies, each and every one healthy, gorgeous, and indisputably lovable.

Breed is not just about looks!
Different breeds have different behaviours & needs.

If you are considering a Chihuahua,
please thoroughly research the breed
by consulting several original resources.

We have some additional information to
help you choose a Chihuahua and a breeder:

The Teacup Chihuahua   Do Chihuahuas come in different varieties?
What do purebred, teacup, apple-head & deer-type mean?
Learn about Chihuahua size, shape, coat type & colour.
About Us & Our Dogs   What makes us different from other breeders?
What are our goals, beliefs, ethics, and standards?
Decide if Zephyr's Chihuahuas matches your preferences.
Puppy Application   Are you interested in taking one of our Chihuahuas home?
What can you offer them for a family, home and lifestyle?
Tell us about yourself by answering our questionnaire.
Contract & Guarantee   Looking for a long-term guarantee & breeder support?
Willing to sign a good-care promise and buyback policy?
Read the contract all our puppy moms & dads agree to.
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