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Other Parakeets

Gentle Birds with Soft Voices
Australia has a wide variety of other parakeets, including rosellas of which 3 species are particularly appreciated for their red colour. New Zealand has Kakarikis.

Stanley Rosellas

Platycercus icterotis
26cm (10½in), 55-75g (2-2¾oz) Australian rosella.
Smallest, gentlest and quietest of the rosellas.
Friendly and acrobatic, with a pleasant voice.

Males have a bright red head, neck, chest and abdomen, with bright yellow cheeks. The back wings, rump and tail are green and blue, with black scalloping on the back and wings. Females have green scalloping on the red and yellow areas.
The blue mutation is rare.

We have only a hen, who lost her mate several years ago.



Red-fronted Kakarikis

Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae
27cm (9in), 50-113g (2-4oz) New Zealand parakeet.
Quiet but often chatty, with talking potential though small voices. Not at all shy. Active and acrobatic, with great manual dexterity... leave something a leg's length outside their cage and they will reach through the bars to grab it!

Males are ~50% heavier than females, and their beak is much larger as well.
Mutations include 2 varieties of pied, which combine to form the yellow kakariki, and various colours such as cinnamon.

We have 1 male and 2 hens.



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