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Other Parakeets

Gentle Birds with Soft Voices
Other than our
Budgerigars and Cockatiels,
who have their own pages,
we also keep two other types of parakeet:

Turquoisine Parakeets
Bourke's Parakeets


Turquoisine Parakeets

Neophema pulchella
20cm (8in), 30-45g (1-1½oz) Australian grass parakeet.
Somewhat shy, but hardy and usually compatible with finches and quail. Can be kept in a colony. When hand-fed, they are very personable!

Males have a green back, yellow front, and turquoise face & shoulders & flight feathers. Hen have a smaller face patch, white-yellow in front of the eyes, and a green chest. Individual birds vary in how much red/orange they have on the chest and abdomen.
The yellow-dilute has bright limey-yellow replacing the green areas, and a lighter shade of blue.



Bourke's Parakeets

Neopsephotus bourkii
19cm (7½in), 30-45g (1-1½oz) Australian grass parakeet. Formerly included in the neophema genus.
Friendly and docile, usually compatible with finches and quail.

Males have a brown back with yellow lacing on the wings, a pink abdomen, brown towards the throat, and a blue forehead, shoulders, and flight feathers, and a turquoise rump. Females have more brown and less blue and pink, they usually lack the blue forehead completely. Mutations can be sexed by behaviour.
Our favourite mutations are rosy opaline (pink back instead of brown), lutino (no brown or blue), and rubino (opaline-lutino combo).



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