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Every Chihuahua is unique. So is every breeder.

Choosing the right breeder will help predict whether your Chihuahua will be what you want and expect, and will give you the satisfaction of knowing you have supported people you respect.

There is no such thing as "the perfect breeder for everyone," because people looking for a Chihuahua are not all alike, and not all looking for the same thing.

Look for the breeder whose Chihuahuas you find attractive, whose descriptions of temperament and behaviour hold with your idea of a good Chihuahua, and whose goals, beliefs, ethics and standards closely match your own.

This is Zephyr's Chihuahuas:

Breeding Goals  We believe in breeding dogs with optimum working ability. The job of a chihuahua is to provide many years of companionship to a single person or family. As good temperament and health are the two key characteristics associated with the ability of a chihuahua do their job, those are our top priorities, temperament and health.
Our Ideal Puppy  Healthy, with sturdy and athletic conformation allowing an active lifestyle... Gentle, affectionate, playful, spunky, quiet, loyal, and willing to please... Highly intelligent, clever, inquisitive, adventurous, generally a whole lot of fun... Exquisitely beautiful from head to tail, a gorgeous expressive face to match
Puppy Care  We give our puppies all the love and attention they deserve. You will find them on a lap, sleeping in their bed, or playing with supervised access to the entire house and yard. They are very well socialized including with kids. We also start house-training them outdoors at 3-4 weeks of age.
Our Family  Our dogs are our 4-legged kids and are treated accordingly. They have the run of the house and sleep in the bed. We play with them, snuggle them, take them for walks, teach them obedience, agility, and tricks, and give them toys and treats. They wouldn't have it any other way.
Scheduling Litters  Our girls are never bred on their first heat, never younger than 18 months at breeding, never without passing a pre-breeding exam by our vet, and only when in optimum condition. If heats come at the right time of year, our preference is to schedule litters due January through April.
Retirement  Where do our "retired breeding dogs" go? To the vet, to get spayed or neutered, and then right back here home again where they belong, forever and ever. We love our dogs and they love us back! Our retired dogs are Zephyr, Sienna, Peekaboo & Pesto, and you are welcome to meet them.
CKC Registered?  No. Because our girls are unregistered chihuahuas, their puppies are not eligible for registration. In a thorough search for a registered girl, we did not find even one CKC chihuahua breeder who offers a real guarantee, and if they don't have confidence in their dogs, neither do we.
Our Guarantee  A real guarantee on a puppy covers all hereditary and congenital conditions, never expires, and compensates the puppy's family if corrective surgery or supportive treatment is required. Return & exchange for a new one is fine for a toaster, not for a dog you love! No exceptions, no expiry, no return required, love expected - that is the guarantee we alone will offer you.
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