Zephyr's Feathered Rainbow

Zebra Finches

Taeniopygia guttata or Poephila guttata
10cm (4in) Australian grassfinch, in "American" or wild-type lines, 12-15g (½oz), and "English" show-type lines, 18-22g (¾oz). Active and not shy. Males sing and chatter from dawn to dusk.
Grey with white & black on the face & tail. Males have orange cheek patches, black & white on the chest, and chestnut flanks.
Keep one or more true pairs, or a same-sex duo or group. Compatible with most other finches, but will steal nesting material from the pairs of more timid species.
We have several pairs and are focusing on orange-breast and complimentary mutations.
These include several back colours (grey, fawn, lightback, regular & continental chestnut-flanked white), a few patterns (black-breast, penguin, pied) and crested feathering.
The normal-coloured Zebra: Grey head, back & wings. Beak outlined in black, white face, black tear drops. Tail striped black & white.
Hen: orange beak, grey cheeks & flanks, grey throat & breast, tan belly.
Male: red beak, orange cheek patches, chestnut flanks dotted in white, black stripes on throat & black breast bar, white belly.
Orange-breast Black-breast Combos are Lovely & Orange!
The black-breast mutation changes the pattern of the markings. The orange-breast mutation changes black markings to orange.


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