Zephyr's Feathered Rainbow

Psittacula Parakeets

Gentle Birds with Soft Voices
Psittacula are Asian parakeets (plus the African subspecies of Ringneck) that include some of the best talkers. Despite an intimidatingly large beak, they are generally gentle and well-tempered, though some go through a teenaged stage which requires proper management.

Plumhead Parakeets

Psittacula cyanocephala
34cm (13½in), 70-80g (2½-2¾oz) Asian parakeet.
A quieter, gentler, colourful relative of the more common Indian Ringneck. Active and acrobatic, with excellent talking potential.

Prior to 15 months age, males and females are mostly green with a bit of grey and dull orange on the face. Juveniles 15-30 months have a grey-plum head edged in yellow, this is also the permanent adult plumage for females. Adult males over 30 months age are green with a blue tail, red wing patch, and pink-plum head edged in black and turquoise.
The lutino mutation (yellow with pink head) is extremely rare.



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