Zephyr's Feathered Rainbow

Button Quail

Coturnix chinensis
The term "button quail" can refer to Coturnix chinensis or to Turnix sp. Coturnix chinensis is also called the Chinese Painted Quail or King Quail, and they are a very small true quail, popular as aviary birds. Turnix spp. are similar-looking but have very different behaviour and care requirements.
13cm (5in), 30-45g (1-1½oz) Australasian quail.

Button Quail get along with many other small birds, and can be kept in a colony, given sufficient space and an appropriate male/female ratio.

The wild-type hen is a laced brown & grey pattern. Males have a blue-grey face and chest, and black & white throat markings. Eggs also come in many colours from greenish to lilac, which is not related to the colour of the chick that will hatch, but is fairly consistent for each hen.

Although some types of quail are raised for meat and egg production, both Button Quail are primarily kept for ornamental purposes. They can be kept in an indoor cage or aviary, or outdoors when the temperature is above freezing.

They are active birds spending much of their time foraging for tidbits on the aviary floor, enjoy a sand/dust bath, and readily take a variety of live foods. Button quail can be quite tame if handled regularly, and will take live mealworms offered by hand. Males rarely eat mealworms, but will hold them in their beaks for a female to take.

Button Quail are fun to raise from eggs or chicks, but it is important you will also enjoy them full-grown.

Zephyr's Feathered Rainbow will include about 20 adult quail this winter. Some may be kept as separate pairs, trios, or quads, and others together as a group.

Our button quail include normal, silver, cinnamon and ivory colours patterned in golden-pearl, red-breast and blue-face markings; solid white, and splash, white with any colour patches.



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