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The last group of Estrildid waxbill finches includes the Red & Green Strawberry Avadavats of southern Asia and a wide variety of African species. They wear a wide variety of colours and one, the Red Strawberry, has a twice yearly moult during which males switch between red nuptual plumage and a brownish colour similar to the hens. Some, such as the cordon bleus and cut-throat, are kept as songbirds, while others are almost silent and appreciated for their colour and activity only.


Red-CheekedCordon Bleu Waxbills

Uraeginthus bengalus
12cm (5in), 8-11g (¼-½oz) African waxbill. Active, always busy, all regions of the aviary. Males sing a beautiful melody, especially when courting a hen. When breeding, keep only one pair of cordon bleus in each enclosure. Very compatible with peaceful birds of unrelated species. Special needs: Live food is essential for nestlings.

Sky blue and brown. Males have red cheek patches.

We do not currently have and cordon bleus.



Senegal Fire Finches
(Red-billed Fire Finches)

Lonchura domestica
9-10cm (3½-4in), 7-9g (¼oz) African waxbill. Very active and lively, often found in middle to lower region of aviary. Very quiet. Keep one pair, or more given enough space and greenery. Compatible with other peaceful finches. Special needs: Live food is essential for nestlings.

Males are crimson red with brown wings; hens are brown with red eye stripes & tails.

We no longer keep these active crimson gems.



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