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Nymphicus hollandicus
Parakeet does NOT mean budgie! Parakeets are small members of the parrot family with long tails, and they come in many different types. Our parakeets include budgies, cockatiels, turquoisines and bourkes, and there are dozens of other types of parakeet as well.
32cm (13in), 80-100g (2½-3oz) Australian cockatoo/parakeet.

Cockatiels are gregarious and gentle with other birds, even much smaller ones. Breeding pairs are sometimes intolerant of other cockatiels in their territory.

Males of the normal variety are grey with white on their wings, yellow on their tails, and a yellow face outlined in white and marked with an orange cheek patch. Hens are similar, but have grey shading on the face and grey lacing on the tail.

Pet qualities of a cockatiel include a friendly disposition, and tendency towards being outgoing and easy-going. For looks, that crest goes well in any cockatiel colour!

Both male and female cockatiels may learn to talk or whistle, but males have a much greater potential for it.
Both male and female cockatiels may enjoy being petted, but females are more likely to be more cuddly.

Hand-fed cockatiels are a better choice regardless of whether you want a tame pet or breeding bird, as they are more comfortable around people.

Zephyr's Feathered Rainbow includes 12 cockatiels. From this small flock, we get over a dozen different colours of chick!
We have 2 grey males, one is a phantom pearl; two whiteface pied males, a phantom pearl and a very good rare visual pearl; a lutino and an albino.
We have a grey hen, a cinnamon pearl, two whiteface fallow pearls, a cinnamon lutino, and an albino.

Aussie, George, and Petrie talk. They say "Hello, Hi, Aussie, Petrie, Peekaboo, Pretty Bird" and George makes an attempt at whistling the Andy Griffith theme song. Our only cockatiel who doesn't attempt short whistles is the quiet lutino boy.



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