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Excellent Songsters
The fringillid family includes birds such as canaries, goldfinches, siskins and redpolls. Canaries are the most popular fringillid, and the only cagebird that has been developed into numerous breeds: there are colour canaries, bred in specific colours and patterns; song canaries, bred to emphasize certain aspects of the canary range; and type canaries with different shapes, sizes, postures and feathering. Other fringillids are more popular in Europe, where until recently it was legal to trap wild birds.


Gloster Canaries

Serinus canaria
11.5cm (4½in), 14g (½oz) miniature canary. (12.5-13.5cm (5-5¼in), 15-20g (&frac11;-¾oz) wild Atlantic fringillid, most domestic canaries 14cm (5½in), 21g (¾oz)), giant up to 22.5cm (9in). Relatively inactive, but males sing throughout most of the year. Some females sing for a couple weeks in winter. Keep a single male as a songbird. Compatible with peaceful birds of similar size. Special needs: for Glosters, a bath dish; for colour-breds colour food. Canarygrass-based seed mix.

Usually "green" variegated, a mixture of yellow and black pigment, patched with yellow; also cinnamon and "blue".

We have 2 males and 3 hens.



European Goldfinches

Carduelis carduelis
10.5-13.5cm (4-5½in) European fringillid, most subspecies 9.5-24g (⅓-¾oz), Siberian goldfinches 22-30g (¾-1oz). Active, lively & agile, occupying all regions of the aviary. Excellent singers. Keep a single songbird, a pair, or a flock. Compatible with other peaceful finches. Special needs: Colour food (beta carotene) when moulting to develop the deep red face. Goldfinch-siskin seed mix.

Males often have a larger squarer red mask, deeper black markings and solid-coloured shoulders; however, the differences are subtle and there is great variation among individuals.

We have 2 males and 4 hens.



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