Zephyr's Feathered Rainbow

Budgerigars - aka Budgies

Melopsittacus undulatus
Parakeet does NOT mean budgie! Parakeets are small members of the parrot family with long tails, and they come in many different types. Our parakeets include budgies, cockatiels, turquoisines and bourkes, and there are dozens of other types of parakeet as well.
18cm (7in), ~30g (1oz) Australian grass parakeet.
Show-quality English budgies are much larger, 25cm (10in), ~50g (1½-2oz).

Budgies are gregarious and get along with many other small birds, but bold and some are aggressive towards finches and more gentle parakeets.

The wild-type colour is green with a yellow face, yellow and dark grey laced back and wings, a dark blue tail, and blue and black spots below the eyes.

Males have a blue cere (nose), hens have a brown one when in breeding condition, otherwise whitish. In babies, males have a bright pink nose and hens have a whitish one. Ino males keep their baby colour of cere.

Pet qualities of a budgie include a friendly cheerful disposition, active chattery nature, easily-managed small size, affordable price, very good talking potential, and trainability.

Your best bet for an awesome interactive pet would be a hand-fed English male.
Parent-raised American budgie hens are the least likely to be interactive, easily tamed, gentle, or learn to talk.
If you are more interested in a beautiful bird than a pet you can handle, parent-raised English are the showiest.
Parent-raised American are the least expensive.

Zephyr's Feathered Rainbow includes 10 budgies, and we are in the process of switching from an all-American flock to an all-English flock. As breeders we are finding English males far less interested in breeding than American males, and our English hens lay smaller clutches.

Our last American pair are yellowface blue, and their chicks include whiteface blues and pied as well.

We have 2 true grey English males and a grey-green .
Our English hens are cinnamon light green, cinnamon opaline light greeb, opaline light green, sky blue and sky blue opaline. All but one are show-quality birds.



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